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We here at Digital Places are excited about the collaborative environments that global Internet services are enabling. We believe the people using collaborative environments create digital places and over time these will more and more be the places where people shape the future of the physical world. The inventory of resources provided here is our small effort to support the growth of Internet collaborative groups.

The 12 Principles of Collaboration
Guidelines for Designing Internet Services that Support Group Collaboration

This white paper draws upon principles that underlie the growth of social
systems to identify the web functionality needed to support the
development of online social systems. This document was originally published as "The 12 Principles of Civilization" by Cynthia Typaldos; the founder of RealCommunities. The 12 Principles are a distillation of her experience with online collaborative groups and her research into the sociological principles that underly group dynamics. Digital Places professionals evolved her initial document to this version. More information on 12 Principles and Cynthia Typaldos.

Conference Papers and Presentations
Links to presentations and papers presented by Digital Places for conferences and organizations across the country. Most are stored as PowerPoint presentations, with links to downloadable versions of the files

The references here include the classic, Virtual Communities by Howard Rheingold originally published in 1988 as well as more current works.

Links and Other Resources
This page includes links to web based information that we think will be of interest to those of you considering participation with Internet Communities.

.Internet Communities Primer
Written by the Digital Places principals, the Primer overviews the phenomenon of Internet Communities and outlines business opportunities. It is similar to a chapter we have written for Net Success (Holbrook, MA: Adams Media, 1999), edited by Christina Ford Haylock and Len Muscarella, with a forward by Steve Case, Chairman and CEO of America Online®. Net Success provides business people an overview of the full range of internet business elements including advertising, e-commerce, web site creation, virtual community, etc.

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